Day by day I carefully watch him. Just can’t seem to figure out why he’s here everyday. Where could he be going?

He buys the same pack of cigarettes and ice tea at exactly 8:41 in the morning.

My interest grows stronger by the minute. Could he be single? Are those cigs even for him? Is he out of my league? Fresh out of college, not a single clue where Im going in life.

How do I even begin a conversation with such beauty. Tan, freckles, and that cute little messy bun.

Wait. Did I just describe myself? Nooooo. Im too pasty. HA. Wait…Stephanie focus.

Maybe I should just wing it? Maybe a simple smile or a wave? What if he doesn’t even look at me? This is a lot harder than I thought. The pressure…

Ya know what? Im gonna do this. I got this.

*walks up to the gorgeous man*

*clears my throat*

“Hello! You smell like updog.”

*looks at me confusingly*

“Whats updog?”

Mission accomplished.


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